Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Homemaking Cottage

Known as "a gathering place where homemakers share ideas for keeping home and family," The Homemaking Cottage is filled to the brim with tips, treasures, recipes, activities and more! Founded by Shiloah Baker of North Carolina, The Homemaking Cottage has articles on everything from preparing the Soil for Gardening... to Ways to Increase Your Metabolism... to making a fall pumpkin garland! You can even find sections devoted to Pregnancy and HomeSchooling.

One of my personal favorites was an article about planning interesting Date Nights! One of the ideas I plan to try is "Picnic on the living room floor – don’t forget the candles" (this is noted as an idea especially if babysitting is a challenge).

You will also find Thrifty Living Tips, tips about cleaning & organizing, recipes, family activities and so much more!

AND...I am so excited about the Christmas Extravaganza they are planning for November 1st through December 31st. This is something you will not want to miss!

You can read some of the articles for free, but the Deluxe Edition contains original, longer, and more detailed homemaking articles exclusive to The Homemaking Cottage.

Shiloah says this about the Deluxe Edition:

"The Deluxe Edition is a password protected special edition to the website The Homemaking Cottage. We feature an additional 1001 articles, recipes and crafts that are not found anywhere else. We have five specialty writers who focus on unique and inspiring articles for our subscribers. A six month subscription is regularly priced at $20. Our subscribers receive a 20% discount in our shop, can request articles and have 24 hour a day access to information."


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Check it out today:

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  1. Just stopping by from SITS! You commented before me and I thought I would check you out. Keep doing your thing! Love the blog!


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