Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grand Opening Celebration!

I'm making preparations for my Grand Opening Celebration this week.  The festivities will begin this Friday, September 4th and continue until Saturday September 12th in honor of my new business & website:

Stay tuned for more details but here is a sneak peak of what's to come:

2 GRAND PRIZES worth nearly $200!

1st Grand Prize for the serious Christian Writer. A Free Critique will be given by our professional editor who has worked for NavPress, Thomas Nelson, Zondervan & Focus on the Family. Our site charges $65 (and some companies charger over $100!) but this will be the first Grand Prize for our celebration.  Moms who aspire to be Christian Writers: get your thinking caps on. The winner will be chosen on September 12th and picked from those of you who have sent us an e-mail with your name, email & WHY we should pick you to receive this free critique (what makes your story stand out? what is your purpose? what is your story about? Why do you want to be a Christian Writer? etc.) Please keep your entry UNDER 200 words and do not start sending your entries in until September 4th when the e-mail address will be given out for your entries.

2nd Grand Prize for the Christian Mom in Direct Sales.  She will receive a 6 month advertising spot AND PR Package on my website.
This is what is included in the package:
*be the EXCLUSIVE representative for YOUR company!
* 1 consulant will be featured on the site every week. You have the option to feature a giveaway which will be promoted to the hilt! We even submit the contests to 2 national sweepstakes sites!
*Have your fliers, catalogs and/or samples included in our "Mommy Bags" which are distirbuted to Moms Groups, churches and craft fairs all over!
*Advertising (paid spots and free spots) on Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, twittermoms, cafemom, google and multiple Christian sites and directories
*Monthly Newsletter including tips and ideas and step-by-step instructions to help grow your business
*Phone and e-mail coaching included! ($65 dollar value PER SESSION) Ask questions and get answers to help make your home business the best that it can be!
Total Value is: over $120!

Plus over 15 other prizes including: Tupperware, candles, gourmet foods, energy drinks, T-shirts, subscriptions and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

I'm so excited I can barely sleep at night!! :-)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Idea for Writers!

Hey Everyone...I found this cool blog today while I was completing my daily "SITS" tasks! :-)

The author, C.Beth says this about her blog:
The One Minute Writer can help...
- English teachers looking for journaling ideas for their students.
- Bloggers with writer's block.
- Writers who want to start journaling daily.
- Toastmasters looking for Table Topics prompts. (Thanks, Akmal, for this great idea!)

I think this is a great idea, and I hope all of you writers will take a minute and write everyday!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday Favorites Give-A-Way

And the Winner is.............Sonya!!  An e-mail has been sent to you! Please reply with your address as soon as possible! Thanks for entering.  And please stop back next week for the GRAND OPENING of my website where there will be an ENTIRE WEEK of prizes, freebies & fun!!

Today's featured
Christian Mom in Direct Sales
is Chris Carroll with       Tupperware!

More about Chris:
How long have you been with company: this particular one, 3 months. I was with another DS company for 6 yrs and wanted more growth and few to no deliveries.

Short Description of Company: We provide items that assist with organizing, cooking and storage solutions. We have products that help extend the life of your food so less waste and you save money

A little about you: I am a work at home mom that also works PT out of the home. I have been at home for 7 yrs now. Married with 1 son. I also have a few sites that assist Direct Sellers with their businesses by offering tips and articles.

How long have you been a Christian and a little about your faith: Gosh, I have been a Christian all of my life. I grew up with the Lord and love having him direct my life and my business. I think that is why I love my DS business so much, is that I can give back to others while growing my own business as well.

Why would someone want to join your particular team? We have a very strong team with tons of support and resources for any thing that may come up. Very strong and stable company, yet forward moving. Not Stagnate at all. We sell online and offline, so we have experience in both avenues.

What is the start-up costs (in entirety. taxes and everything) Business kit is $79.99shipping inc, plus your local taxes. Abt $330 in value. Executive Kit is $109.99, shipping inc, plus your local tax and is approx $470 in value. There are also sign on bonuses, so ask me what this month's is.

What is the required purchase to stay active? We only require $250 in sales every 4 months, so we suggest at least $75 a month and that keeps it easy.

Chris's websites: AND here:

The Giveaway:
The winner will recieve two (2) of the 1 cup/250ml Freezer Mates(r) Small One Containers. The 1 cup size is the perfect size for left over grated cheeses, fruit for smoothies or herbs, for example.
A $12 value, plus a Tupperware goodie bag!
(Free shipping in the U.S.)


Leave a comment on this blog.


1. Add Chris Carroll (Stockton / Modesto, CA) as a friend on Facebook and comment about it back here

2. Follow Chris on Twitter @directsalestalk and comment about it back here

3. Tweet this on twitter: RT @MariLeeParrish Enter to win FREE TUPPERWARE TODAY

4. Find  Chris's ad on and comment back here with what product is featured on the bottom left hand corner of her ad page.

5. Blog about this contest and link back to  and comment about it back here

Entries will be acccepted until Friday 8/28/09 at 10:00pm MT. Winner will be announced Saturday a.m.

Really Loving Your Husband...

Yesterday on twitter, @pinkginghamom posted a link about "Romancing Your Husband." This got me really thinking about my hubby's needs lately. Now, don't get me husband is my best friend and I believe we have a really good thing going....but I can always strive a little harder to fill my husband's "love tank!"

Have you ever read "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman?  If you haven't, it is a $5 book that will CHANGE YOUR MARRIAGE FOR THE GOOD!
My husband's love language is words of affirmation AND physical touch. If I'm not meeting those basic needs of my husband....his love tank depletes and it turns into grumpy town around here!
But it goes both ways.....
MY love language is quality time and acts of service. If my husband isn't helping to meet those basic needs of mine, then my own love tank takes a dump!
Once we read this book....everything truly just clicked for us. We know each other's needs, and we know how to fix things when its not working (which...yes, its true....still happens quite frequently. But least we're trying)!

I also need to mention that my husband truly does do a great job of trying to meet these needs! He spends a lot of time with me when I need him too. He runs the vacuum and takes my son to the park when I need some time to myself. He is a great man and I'm so thankful that God gave him to me! He is a gift!

I hope you'll check out this book! AND I hope both you and your spouse will figure out and start trying to fill each other's love tank! can follow Dr. Gary Chapman's blog here:

link to me

Multiple Streams of Income

Here is one of the tips from my site about creating multiple income streams:

1. Find something that you’re good at and market it.

What are your strengths? What classes have you taken? Did you get an “A” in English? Can you type? Can you watch children a few days a week? Feel like tutoring? Can you handle cleaning some houses? There is a great list of legitimate work-from-home jobs at That list is NOT just for women…so men, make sure you check it out as well. This is where your most dependable and steady source of income will come from at first, so start here! Research your strengths online and start making calls and connections. Check your local classifieds and craigslist. Everyone needs some kind of help! Maybe YOU are the person they are looking for. Once you have income streams from #2 and #3 coming in, you can usually eliminate this first stream if it isn’t something you are passionate about…like cleaning house! Focus on this first stream for the first few months, though. As you are bringing in extra cash, you will be able to afford start-up costs for the next 2 streams of income. "

Read the rest of the article, and more like this at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freelance Writing for Christian Moms...

I just posted a few new articles online. Here is one of them:

Just made a fresh batch of Mint Sugar Scrub

It turned out great and my hands are still tingly & silky smooth!

Check them out at my NEW Etsy Shop! Free Shipping during the Grand Opening!

Earn Money At Home

To find a GIANT list of Tried & True Ideas to make a living at home, go here: Click on "Affiliate Marketing & More"

Monday, August 24, 2009

2 of my NEW COOKBOOKS are now available!

They JUST came by UPS a few minutes ago, so I'm doing a random FREE GIVEAWAY right now until 8pm Mountain Time. 

To Win: Leave a comment and I'll pick 2 winners tonight!  YIPEE!!!

Old Fashioned Holiday Recipes

This festive collection of old-fashioned recipes will bring back favorite tastes from Christmases gone by. Featuring only the best dishes from old-world kitchens, your holiday spread is sure to be a hit!

Savory Southern Christmas Favorites
This savory collection of recipes will send your taste buds south for some home-cooked Christmas favorites. Featuring delightful dishes from southern kitchens, your holiday spread is sure to be a hit!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Blog!

I am excited to have a new blog template. Everything from my old blog at will be transferred here!

I love this template! The woman on the bike reminded me of the Work-from-home for another delivery! :-) LOL!!!  LOVE IT!

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